Frequently Asked Question

1) What's the difference between Aegean Paradise and Amusement World?
Aegean Paradise (AP) is a Newer Cruise compare to Amusement World (AW).
AP is using Singapore currency while AW is using Malaysian Ringgits.
Facilities wise, AP has more than AW.
AW journey is slightly longer than AP.
Expenditure in AW is relatively cheaper then AP because of the rate exchange.
2) What's the cruise fare for Amusement World? And what’s does it include? 
Weekdays (Sunday 830pm to Friday 630pm) ~ S$33 each.
Weekends (Friday 830pm to Sunday 630pm) ~ S$43 each.
Eve of Public Holiday 630pm to Public Holiday 420pm ~ S$43 each.
Inclusive of 2 ways Ferry and meals in buffet style onboard.
3) What's the cabin rate for Amusement World?
Weekday - Twin RM50 per room/night.
                  Triple RM80 per room/night.
Weekends - Twin RM80 per room/night.
                    Triple Rm120 per room/night.
** For Eve of Public Holiday and Holiday, please check with customer service officer.
4) What's are the facilities in Amusement World?
Restaurant, recreation room, massage centre, lounge and gift shop.
5) Can we go to Aegean Paradise after few hours in Amusement World?
Yes ,Passenger can take internal ferry from AW to AP at 620pm daily free of charge.
6) What is the duration I can stay in AW?
You need to disembark by 2.30pm ferry on following day otherwise an extension charge of RM $30 each will be imposed.
7) Is there a ferry transfer from AP to AW? 
No, tentatively we do not have such service.
8) Can I board Amusement World from Malaysia? What are the timing and charges?
Yes, you may board the cruise from Pasir Gudang Ferry Terminal at below address;
Lot 21 ,Jalan Feri ,Pelabuhan Johor 81700 Pasir Guadang Johor
Tele 07-2543990
Hp 019-727 3990
Fax 07-2543982

Pasir Gudang ferry departure time;
9.30am, 1.30pm, 5.45pm and 9.15pm

Return Ferry from Amusement World;
7.15am, 11.15am, 3.15pm, 5.30pm, 10.30pm.

Fares charges;
Adults 18 years old and above:
  • Rm60 weekdays
  • Rm70 weekends
Children below 18 year old:
  • Rm80 weekdays
  • Rm100 weekends


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