Welcome to Amusement World

Amusement World is one a cruise operating in the International water which near to Malaysia, with a ferry ride of estimation one and half hour journey departure from Singapore, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal.
Passenger can enjoy a day cruise out from Singapore to Amusement World, at only S$28 each on weekdays or S$38 on weekends, eve of public holidays and public holiday for adult and as well as children. At this rate, you may enjoy the nice scenery during the journey and spread of buffet meals at specific timing in our Pacific’s Restaurant at deck 5.
Thai massage, arcade, and recreational games are also available at your own expenses in reasonable and affordable rates.
For those who never been to the cruise, you might want to experience this short, cool, exciting and most importantly budget trip. You may choose to go either the day and return in the evening or even stay overnight in our comfortable and cosy cabin till next day. For beer kakis, our price definitely make your jaw dropped, which you will not able to find in Singapore. Come on and check it out and hang with your drinking kakis.
There are so many activities in Amusement World, which you can enjoy and relax, especially all in Malaysia Ringgit, the attractive money exchanges rates. Well, give it a try to experience else you won’t know what you have been missing, after all, is only cost you *S$28, to travel out of Singapore, on weekdays.


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